The maximum deductible value of holiday vouchers increased to 4.800 Ron
The new Cheque Dejeuner vouchers valid from November 2013 until December…
The monthly indexed value of the childcare vouchers increased to 420 Ron.
The nominal value of food voucher increased to 9.35 Ron.
The new Cheque Dejeuner vouchers valid from November 2012 until December…
Chèque Déjeuner – the way to increase your company profit and to motivate your collaborators!
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Cheque Dejeuner Romania offers advantageous financial solutions to companies that wish to motivate employees and overall increase business performance. The vouchers issued by Cheque Dejeuner represent the perfect tools for any balanced social policy, regardless their size, organization type, or activity field. Our company offers the following product types: food vouchers, gift vouchers, holiday vouchers, social vouchers and Childcare vouchers.


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